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Not all stain can be removed through polishing and scaling the tooth surface. Discolouration within the teeth from red wine, coffee, tea, smoking and aging can be eliminated by using a professional whitening treatment. Before proceeding with a professional whitening treatment we will assess your teeth and gums to determine if you are a good candidate, not all individuals are good candidates for cosmetic teeth whitening. We offer three options to best suit your needs, custom take home trays, pre-fabricated trays, 1 hour light activated whitening. See below for more details on each option.

Option #1: (3 week process)

With this custom whitening product dental impressions will be taken of your upper and lower teeth in order to fabricate your custom fit trays. An initial shade and photo of your teeth will be taken at this time as well. After fabrication of your whitening trays (2-3 days), you will be given the product and instructions for use.

What to expect: The system that you will be given is a 3 week process, which will require you to wear your trays filled with gel for 60 minutes once a day. Depending on the shade you want to achieve you may not need to whitening for the whole 3 weeks. You can stop at any time once you have reached your desired shade. At the end of your treatment a final shade and photo will be taken to compare before and after results. 

       Cost: $275.00 (discounted rates available - contact for details)

Option #2: (5-10 days process)

Opalescence go, is a pre-fabricated professional grade whitening product that is easy to use at a more affordable cost. Pre-fabricated trays are worn 15 min.-1 hour, for 5-10 days depending on the starting shade. Duration for use will be determined at the assessment. Before and after shade with photos will be taken for comparison of results. This product is more ideal for those with straight teeth and a yellow base colour to the tooth. 

As with all whitening products you may experience a degree of tooth sensitivity during the application and it will subside once whitening has been completed. In this case it is recommended to take one to two days off and resume again to allow for the tooth to rehydrate thus reducing sensitivity. A toothpaste accompanies your kit and is to be used throughout the whitening procedure.  

              Cost: $55.00 - $90.00 (cost dependant on length of treatment)

Option #3: (immediate same day results)

Our light activated one hour teeth whitening procedure will give you the same results as the three-four week custom take home tray process, but in a fraction of the time. This treatment is ideal for those who don't have the time each day to wear trays for an hour, don't want to fuss with the application process and need or want immediate results. 

* this treatment can be completed in office or in your home

        Cost: $275.00 (discounted rates available -contact for details)