Teeth whitening/Cosmetics

  • 1 hour whitening - in office treatment 
  • Custom trays (3 week system)
  • Prefabricated take home trays 

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  • Swarovski Tooth Crystals 


  • Teeth cleaning (GBT)
  • Stain removal (air polisher)
  • Dental sealants (cavity prevention)
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride (cavity reversal)
  • Topical Fluoride varnish (cavity prevention)
  • Sensitivity management (teeth and tissues)
  • Custom fit sports guards (selection of colours)
  • Diet counselling related to oral health
  • Oral hygiene instruction 
  • Denture/oral appliance cleaning 

For more details of the services provided above please contact:

ph./text: 519-868-3854

email: ​jeanette.szmiett@gmail.com


  • Dental hygiene exam
  • Oral cancer screening (OralID)
  • Head and neck exam
  • Free Consultations 

Microbiology testing

Certified breath and periodontal clinic (stops bleeding gums and bad breath) or simply find out what bugs are hiding in your mouth!

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Oral and Overall Health ​​

​​​Dental Hygiene Clinic & Wellness Centre