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Why not put a little sparkle in your smile with genuine Swarovski Crystals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

​Why we use Swarovski crystals? 

Our tooth crystals are genuine Swarovski crystals that are stain resistant, lead free with a flat back. And better yet our crystals are purchased from a Canadian supplier!  

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Will they harm my teeth? 

When placed properly they do not cause any harm or damage to your natural tooth. The crystals are applied on the surface of the tooth with dental bond. No tooth structure is removed. It is the same procedure as bonding brackets for braces and can be removed at any time. 

How long will the procedure take and what to expect? 

The application of the crystals will take 10-15 minutes. After selecting the crystal of your choice, we will select the prefect placement prior to bonding. The tooth is then etched (to dry the tooth), bonding is placed with an applicator, then the crystal is placed on the tooth. Prior to setting the crystal a final look at placement be determined. 

Will it affect how I clean my teeth or get a professional dental cleaning? 

It will not affect your regular teeth cleaning regiment at home or how you receive a dental cleaning by your registered dental hygienist. The bonding under the crystal is sealed preventing any bacteria from getting between the crystal and your tooth. So, it’s business as usual!

How do I remove my tooth jewelry when I no longer want it on? 

Tooth crystals can be removed by your dental professional at any time. The tooth will be polished to remove any remaining dental bond material. Or better yet change it out for a different colour!