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 Appointments can be book for evenings and weekends. If you have dental insurance benefits, they can be billed directly by us on your behalf. We take care of everything!

Oral and Overall Health ​​

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What to expect at your first visit:

At the initial visit I will have you fill out a medical and dental history form and check your vitals (blood pressure, pulse, etc.). Once we have determined that you have a clear health history we will proceed with the oral assessment. This will include an intra-oral and extra-oral hard/soft tissue exam (oral cancer screening and checking for any abnormalities). Followed by charting of existing treatment, current clinical findings/concerns and full periodontal assessment.

The information that is collected will allow an individualized treatment plan to be determined. Once your treatment plan/recommendations are discussed with you and/or your caregiver, we will proceed with the treatment agreed upon. Open communication is a vital roll in overall health and your oral health is no exception. I work closely with you and your family members before, during and after each visit. As well as  other in you health care team (Dentist, Family Doctor, Pharmacist, etc.).

Oral and Overall Health

Dental Hygiene Clinic & Wellness Centre

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