Curious how we got our name?

Oral health prevention plays an important roll in maintaining good whole body health, resulting in my practice name, Oral and Overall Health. Proper oral care, through education and regular professional scaling (cleaning) by a dental hygienist, play a key roll in keeping the mouth and body healthy.

​​​Dental Hygiene Clinic & Wellness Centre


Oral and Overall Health ​​

More about Independent Dental Hygienists
In 2007, Ontario legislature facilitated increased public access to dental hygiene services by proclaiming the amendment to the Dental Hygiene Act, 1991. This enables self-initiated dental hygienists, like myself, to practice independently. Furthermore, this amendment allows the ability to have reduced fees and broader access for individuals and families to receive preventive dental hygiene services in office or your place of residence. 

Strict infection control guidelines and standards are followed to ensure patient safety. The guidelines that are followed are set out by IPAC, RCDSO, CDHO and Public Health Ontario. Please feel free to forward any questions you may have about protocol conducted by Oral and Overall Health Dental Hygiene Clinic & Wellness Centre. 


Oral and Overall Health Dental Hygiene Clinic & Wellness Centre offers oral care like that offered in any traditional dental office setting. All services are provided by a Registered Dental Hygienist who is a primary health care provider specialized in oral disease prevention. Two treatment locations are available, in office or in your place of residence.

We welcome all types of patients and are focused on providing you with preventive dental treatment, knowledge, skills and tools based on individual needs. Independent Dental Hygienists use the CDHA & ODHA fee guide which provides a lower fee for services. This makes it more affordable for those with no benefit coverage and those who want to use less of their benefit allocation with insurance plans. With flexible hours, working with you and your loved ones is made easily accessible. Contact us today to set up you first visit!

We provide care for a range of clients: children, adults, elderly, rural communities, those with a lack of transportation, financial limitations, fear of the dental office setting, family members who are in long term care facilities, those with mobility restrictions, and individuals who have difficultly getting to appointments during regular business hours. We focus on providing oral health equality across all barriers.