Oral and Overall Health ​​

The OraVital System 

OraVital is a non-invasive treatment program for diagnosing and treating the oral infections that cause bad breath, sensitive bleeding gums and gum disease. OraVital identifies the  harmful oral pathogens you may have and their precise location, making accurate diagnosis and predictable, effective treatment possible. 

What to expect

Dental cleanings alone cannot get rid of the bacterial that is colonized in your mouth. OraVital DNA testing, a powerful diagnostic and treatment protocol for oral infections may be the answer. 

Oral Biofilm samples are taken with a swab and soft pics to identify harmful oral pathogens and their location. These samples are sent to the Lab and results come back determining the type and level of bacterial living in your oral cavity. Based on the findings from the lab results, we review and work with you to restore your oral health to a healthy state. We can treat oral pathogens accurately beyond what physical removal can do! 

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